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Please click on button below to register. For individual and team players please download and fill out registration and waiver forms pages 3 thru 5. If you are a Team manager or a Coach and are responsible for signing up your team please fill out pages 1 and 2 of the of Registration. Once completed and signed please email copy to

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Sign Up: Welcome

Summer Schedule for 2019

Train Like a Champion

All other programs

Train Like a Champion

Please contact Geoffrey to schedule a training session as availability can change from week to week. Pricing is dependent upon number of athletes and location for the program that is selected.


  • One on One Personal Training (Ages 9 and up)

  • Personalized Group Training (Ages 9 and up)

  • Sports Performance (Ages 9 and up)

Cancellations and rescheduling

*In the event that a training session has to be cancelled due to an emergency or inclement weather, an alternative training day will be selected if available during the dates of June and July.

* In the event that an athlete has to miss one or more sessions or is a "no show", due to other commitments the athlete then will forfeit the session. MOBSA is in no way  responsible or liable for reimbursing the athlete back with extra training sessions or money if an athlete forfeits one or more of their sessions. Each of the training programs run consecutive sessions and must be completed by the dates provided and contracted by MOBSA. Dates can only be rescheduled with MOBSA upon approval. 

Sign Up: Welcome
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Contact MOBSA

Please contact Geoffrey Awadey to schedule an appointment for a fitness session or if you have any questions about the programs that we offer.

Denver, CO, USA

(303) 842-2681

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