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One on One and Personal Training

Category: (Youth and Adults)

As a certified trainer I take value in making sure that every athlete creates a plan that can easily be simplified into their daily schedule. This program is developed to ensure that the individual athlete will maintain proper form and technique and go through a series of specialized exercises geared for that individual. This program is 1-2 maximum athletes and is a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks.

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Cross Fit Class

Personalized Group Training

Category: (Youth Only)

This program is for 6 or more athletes who will go through a series of exercises and drills together. The level of intensity is based on a group as a whole. The variations of different exercises throughout the sessions will keep the athletes motivated and hungry for more.

Sports Performance Team Training 

Category: (Youth Only)

Sports Performance team training includes at a minimum and in no particular order: speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, mental preparedness (including MOBSA 5 element goal setting), rest, and injury risk reduction. These sports performance programs are designed for our athletes to create a sports specific atmosphere athletic enhancement

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 boot camps

Adults and Youth

This program is seasonal and scheduled by request only. Please contact Geoffrey Awadey for questions.

Hours of Operation

By appointment only!

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Here at Mind Over Body Speed Agility, (MOBSA) our goal is to bring an innovated style of training where we focus on increasing each individuals speed, agility, and quickness through a series of proven exercises and drills. With consistent positive reinforcement from our trainers we help each individual athlete we work with build confidence to increase physical activity awareness. The ability to see the physical gains starts with the MIND. Our vision is to help as many athletes become fundamentally sound both mentally and physically while decreasing the number of injuries due to improper form and technique. Our philosophy is based on 5 steps to achieving a fitness goal.

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