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Geoffrey Awadey (Owner)


Hi my name is Geoffrey Awadey, and thank you for visiting my webpage. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning coach. I have over 25 years of combined coaching and training experience with people ages 5 and up. I enjoy being active and value fitness and health as a way of life. My motto has always been, “staying fit is like brushing your teeth, it’s a way of life and missing out on a workout really is not optional.”


As a trainer, I strive for my clients to become fundamentally sound in their training that mentally drives them to go far and beyond their physical goals. Important areas I strongly emphasize on is motivation and  proper form and technique. I advocate that teaching correct concepts both mentally and physically will go far beyond the scope of sports and into our adult lives. I enjoy working with both youth and adults and hope that you will take the opportunity to reach out to me sometime for an orientation or interview.


 Your health mentally and physically is important to me.  It’s not ever too late to achieve your health and fitness goals!


Once again thank you for visiting my website!

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